Karora Technologies – Re-brand and Re-launch

Jul. 20, 2019 by

Karora Technologies is a software comapny for large document storage and connected cloud repositories and forms. They serve multiple industries and serve to connect legacy systems to the modern cloud making is simple to access large document repositories in a

Metoerite PR – SEO Strategy and Site Build

Dec. 20, 2018 by

Meteorite PR is a public relations firm offering PR sevices and internal PR training for brands and companies in the outdoor industry. Pre-launch Pre-launch planning for this site covered competitor research and industry benchmarks as well as the connected CRM

Lead Gen, Form Building, and Game Theory

Feb. 20, 2018 by

Lead generation (lead gen) can feel like a moving target or a black hole no matter what industry you are in. There seem to be a multitude of approaches and gurus out there ready to tell you what the “right”