Posted by on July 20, 2019

Karora Technologies is a software comapny for large document storage and connected cloud repositories and forms. They serve multiple industries and serve to connect legacy systems to the modern cloud making is simple to access large document repositories in a moment and search internal scanned document, content and properties.


They needed a re-brand and to re-position the product offerings for new industries and new product offerings in the portforlio. The pre-launch process for this brand included deep-dives into the branding and iconography of the comapy. We devloped a branded swuite of products and content marketing strategy including SEO, media, and promotions across multiple channels. The re-launch strategy and site build was delivered across 7 sprints and migrated content and fuctionality from a legacy site to a new, sleek, UI and product catolog.

Branding & Site


Product Line