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SNEWS: Women in the Outdoors

Content with promotional pop-over HTML5 ad unit to give daily updates and feature sponsored content, this unit would appear as a time and cookie based pop-up ont he homepage and on the promoted content to guide users to additional content, the landing page for the entire program, as well as to the sponsor site or designated landing page. The unit integrates images, text, and links to the live content, as well as the sponsor logo that could be sold dynamically and sponsored by a single partner or by multiples in rotation.

New content tout for SNEWS HTML5 ad unit.

New content tout for SNEWS HTML5 ad unit.

Specialized Content and Dynamic Load

Content was loaded in reverse order so that the most recent stories would appear first and the user’s eye would be drawn to them by the use of a “new” graphic flag on the most recent content. Then the user could scroll up to consume older content or browse past profiles.





Live Unit

Try the live ad unit below to browse the “Women in the Outdoors” content from SNEWS and sponsor KELTY.


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