In my line of work I am constantly encountering new and cool services and tools that make creating content, managing workflow, or distributing anything and everything digitally, much easier and simpler. I like to highlight those tools I find most useful so that everyone can benefit and get something free from just visiting my site.




Top 10 Services & Tools

  1. Trello: In-Browser Agile Planning and Management Tool
  2. Yoast SEO: WordPress Plugin for optimizing content for search
  3. GIT hub: Online GIT Repo for public and private projects
  4. Source Tree: Visual navigation for git repos and projects
  5. Slack – a free (for now) tool for teams to communicate
  6. Google Docs – great for collaborating on all types of work
  7. WordPress – designed for content producers this CMS is open source and robustly maintained
  8. Google AdWords – democratized access to the same marketing tools the big companies use
  9. Google Sheets – an almost perfect cloud-based spreadsheet or simple database
  10. Google Data Studio (Beta) – a new tool for visualizing all your disparate data


Read more about the best tools and the production process in my post “Executing a Wide Range of Digital Products“.